Himalayan salt has become increasingly popular in recent years, with many people using it as a healthier alternative to traditional table salt. But did you know that Himalayan salt can also be used in saunas to provide additional health benefits? In this article, we'll explore the science behind Himalayan salt and its effects in a sauna, as well as some fun facts about this unique substance.


Himalayan salt is a type of rock salt that is mined from the Khewra Salt Mine in the Punjab region of Pakistan, near the foothills of the Himalayas. This salt is believed to be millions of years old and is considered one of the purest forms of salt available. Its distinctive pink color comes from the presence of trace minerals, such as magnesium, potassium, and calcium.

Effects of Himalayan Salt in a Sauna

When Himalayan salt is used in a sauna, it can help to promote relaxation and detoxification. The heat from the sauna causes the salt to release negative ions, which are believed to have a positive effect on the body. Negative ions are thought to neutralize positive ions, which can cause inflammation and other health problems. In addition, the heat from the sauna can help to open up pores, allowing the salt to penetrate the skin and provide additional benefits.

One study published in the Journal of Korean Academy of Nursing found that the use of Himalayan salt in a sauna could help to reduce stress and improve overall well-being. The study involved 55 participants who used a Himalayan salt sauna three times a week for six weeks. The researchers found that the participants experienced significant reductions in stress and improvements in quality of life.

Fun Facts About Himalayan Salt

  • Himalayan salt is believed to have been formed from ancient oceans and seas that dried up millions of years ago.

  • The Khewra Salt Mine, where Himalayan salt is mined, is one of the oldest and largest salt mines in the world.

  • In addition to its use in saunas, Himalayan salt is often used in cooking and as a decorative element in home decor.

  • Some people believe that Himalayan salt lamps can help to purify the air and promote relaxation.

  • Himalayan salt is said to contain over 80 different minerals and trace elements.


  1. Use high-quality Himalayan salt: Not all Himalayan salt is created equal, so be sure to choose a high-quality product from a reputable source. Look for salt that is unrefined and free from additives or contaminants.

  2. Use the right amount of salt: While there is no specific amount of salt that is recommended for use in a sauna, it's important not to overdo it. A few pounds of salt should be sufficient for a small to medium-sized sauna. Be sure to follow the manufacturer's instructions and consult with a professional if you're unsure.

  3. Consider a salt wall or floor: In addition to using salt in the sauna itself, you may also want to consider incorporating a salt wall or floor. This can help to enhance the therapeutic effects of the salt and create a unique and visually appealing design element in your sauna.

  4. Use caution when adding salt: Adding salt to a sauna can create a humid environment, which can increase the risk of slipping or falling. Be sure to use caution when adding salt and consider installing non-slip flooring or mats to reduce the risk of accidents.

  5. Stay hydrated: While Himalayan salt can help to promote detoxification, it's important to stay hydrated while using a salt sauna. Be sure to drink plenty of water before, during, and after your sauna session to stay hydrated and avoid dehydration.

By following these tips and incorporating Himalayan salt into your sauna in a safe and responsible manner, you can enjoy the many health benefits that this unique substance has to offer.


Himalayan salt is a unique substance that offers a range of health benefits, particularly when used in a sauna. Its ability to release negative ions and penetrate the skin can help to promote relaxation and detoxification. In addition, its high mineral content makes it a healthier alternative to traditional table salt. Whether you're using it in a sauna or in your cooking, Himalayan salt is a versatile and fascinating substance that is worth exploring further.

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